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11:49:16 am Happy New Year's Eve everyone~~! holiday Oh, and happy birthday Betty! And Bruce's mom! Anyhow, I'm...going to...(hopefully) add a poem about New Year's today. I'm working on a painting (on the computer, so it's still considered cyberart) which might take a couple more days. When I'm done, I'll upload it. biggrin Anyhow, I gotta go now. Happy New Year's Eve again! Yayzee!
3:43:18 pm Finished my painting! biggrin With lots of suggestions from my grandma, of course, who is an artist. It's now on the page called Cyberart. Of an old picture of me + my dog Stitch.
5:45:05 pm Added...a clock...and snow! I'll change it depending on the season...like spring = butterfly and autumn = leaves...but I still can't figure out what for summer. Oh well. I'll think of that when the time comes. If you think the snow's annoying, tell me. I'll take it off...if enough people complain, I’ll take it off. But I like the clock. Heh. So unless lots and lots of people come and complain, I won’t take it off. crazy Lots and lots and lots...hmm...
10:06:57 pm Eeeeee! It's almost 2009! :weep:...well not exactly...mixed feelings, actually. Heh. My new year's resolution is to 1) go on this site at least four times a week and "update," and 2) have a real update at least once a week. Yayz...? Oh! And my friend wanted me to add a poem of his...so it'll be on Stuff. Cheers!

7:20:33 pm We went to xxxx Valley today. It was fun...several wineries (that's enough for most of the population of the world, at least of a specific country, to guess what it is. We were going to get back after nine, but we changed our schedule and came back...a few minutes ago. And so, I didn't go and figure out how to add a mini music player yet...and, I don't feel like adding anything today. teehee Heh. Hyun suggested: Lies, Wonderful, Number 1, and Sunset Glow by Big Bang.

10:09:20 am Huh. Just finished breakfast...homemade cake...well not exactly. biggrin More like home-backed cake mix...with some self-added ingredients, such as pine seeds (wait, was it nuts?). bag Anyhow, I can't figure out what to add to my webbie today. *hides* Ah well. Maybe a play music button...then there will be music for those who want it. up Yesh, maybe I'll add more than one song so people can choose what to listen to. Hopefully, I can figure out how to make the music not change whenever the page changes. An iFrame or something...*shifty eyes* So people! Give me suggestions! biggrin
2:31:47 pm We're giving our cat a bath today. fear It won't be fun; nope, not at all. no *very scared* Oh well...time to go give cat a bath. I've received several music suggestions, by the way. So far...from Jessica (neither of the Jessicas mentioned before): Reaching for Heaven, Get Up (I think both are from Ice Princess. Okay...Grace suggested Cao Cao (JJ Lin, one of my personal favorites~~ biggrin I recommended it to her!), Poison (by Groove Coverage). From Jessica (the one mentioned yesterday): Lao Shu Ai Da Mi (as said), or its English counterpart: Cause I Love You. I say...any song by JJ Lin~~ <3 yayzee! Oh and Tong Hua (Guang Liang...I can play the piano!), anything from Wicked the Musical, a select few from Avenue Q (though they do have some...improper words...but like who cares?), Ting Ma Ma De Hua (Jay Chou. Don't hate me if you hate this song.), aything by Disney! Okay...Louises says: Tui Hou (Jay Chou), some instrumentals, the Preamble Song! (Weeeeeee the peopleeeeee~~!) Yoav said Stairway to Heaven. Ya know, I'm thinking of doing this music box so people can choose their own song...so that's why there's so many. happy
2:44:33 pm Yayyyy! I don't have to give the cat a bath! flower Heh...the flower's pretty...so that's why I didn't do a plain smiley face instead. Hehehe!
4:01:39 pm Aaaaaaannnnnd some more song suggestions smile Here they are: If I Could Fly by Joe Satriani (from Yoav), Moonlight Shadow and also Futatsu no Kodō to Akai Tsumi by On/Off (both from Grace), annnnnnddd... suspect that's it. For some reason, that smiley reminds me of Jimmery. blink Heh. And that one does too, somewhat.

11:47:35 am My sister's bf is coming to our house today...and is staying for a week. I don't really care...but my parents are getting all worked up over it. tongue I hafta go now, but...hopefully, more results are coming up today! Yayzee!
4:17:17 pm Yepyep, added 7 more results to the result page. Well, now there are three. But whatever. Ann, don't come and tell me to spell out "7" because I'm...wait, no...I will be be too lazy. teehee Anyhow, I'm probably going to add music in a few days. Probably the Chinese song 老鼠愛大米 (The Mouse Loves Rice, Lao Shu Ai Da Mi) by Yang Chengang, or 楊臣剛, because Jessica suggested it (note: this is not the Jessica that I ran around with in the xxxx Museum). Maybe today, maybe later...*gazes off into space*
4:24:59 pm Okay, I've been thinking about it. Firstly, I was reluctant to add music...but then, a number greater than one suggested to add some. But then, I thought about it some more over the past few minutes. Heh. Many people will probably hit the "back" button on their browser if they enter a website with music blaring at them, even if its a soft, gentle song with a nice, soft entrance like 老鼠愛大米. For many reasons, including that they may be using their computer in the library, at work, in a public but quiet area, during the dead quiet of the night, or sneaking on to the computer. Ahem, yes, I know it is unfortunate that people have to sneak to use such a wonderful piece of technology. But it's true. Accept it. So...*clears throat*...no music. Unless a whole group of people come and riot. Then maybe I will consider it again. angel Heh.

10:20:28 am Just finished reading Chapter 10 of Jimmery's story. happy It was...interesting...ish. Heh. Anyhow, I just got back from a dentist's checkup and now I can't swallow until 4 minutes and 32 seconds from which I started posting this. Eh...which is really annoying. My story's turning out not to be about Christmas, but it's not really working out right anyways. Maybe I'll restart it and wait for some better theme to come to me. Yeah, I'll do that. I still have to figure out what's wrong with the guestbook code. >.< Maybe I won't do that at all...*shifty eyes* I'll probably get some other non-embedded guestbook. Eh.
10:56:23 am Mwahahaha! I pwn you! v Because I laugh at you! haha DIE DIE DIE DIE! Okay, I'm good now. killed Ignore my sudden...uhh...obsession?...no...ish. biggrin Will update later...hopefully...
4:08:55 pm Wahh! I walked into a rose bush while taking Stitch on a walk. :'( Then I had this prickly thing in the...uh...small wound...which was kind of weird. eek It still hurts the tiniest bit, but I'll ignore it. It doesn't hurt that much anyhow. Guestbook should be up in a few minutes, but you don't know how I define few. crazy Hehe. rolleyes
6:52:24 pm We're going out for dinner. Guestbook all made pretty. It was up some time ago, but I just me it look better. Ish. laugh Anyhow, I'll update later!
9:41:45 pm Added some results that *truly* fit me. Check the link at the bottom of the page called Me. Have fun looking at them. If you do have fun. If not, well...then too bad. v

5:58:30 pm Ahh...had a ~13 hour sleep. biggrin And then went to B&N and read for two hours. biggrin And then went home, and practiced violin. And ate food that tasted good. biggrin The best day-after-Christmas ever~~ Anyhow, if you're jealous, don't be. *pat pat* It's the way it was meant to be! happy Heh...I'm thinking of writing a Christmas story, but...maybe it won't be about Christmas...and maybe I won't write it at all! surprised

9:41:02 am Just finished breakfast~~ Merry Christmas to all! (Consider the fact that I actually spelled out "Christmas" to be your present. teehee ) I ate Stollen, which was really good. Waiiitt...am I supposed to capitalize that? *shifty eyes* Ah well. My apologies if I wasn't supposed to, but only if you're Ann. smile Ehehehe. I don't owe you an apology if you are someone else. Unless you happen to track me down and hold a gun to my head to threaten me to give you an apology. tongue Which I doubt you will...but who knows? *shifty eyes* (yet again) Anyhow, time to start...my work...et cetera...hopefully write a poem or two, if I have time (this isn't part of my "work," by the way)...or make some wallpapers. Maybe I won't have time to add anything today though...meh. I'm still fixing the guestbook code. >.> Oh! And I would also like to tell you why the abbreviation for Christmas is Xmas: the letter X (chi, Χ, χ) is the first letter in the Greek word for "Christ." That's all for now; bye bye then!
8:24:52 pm Watching the 金馬獎 thingy...basically the Chinese equivalent of Oscar...ish. up 海角七號 is winning a ridiculous number of things. Heh. *back to tv*

1:56:31 pm Umm...I'll make some more cyberart today. :P Maybe some wallpapers...*thoughtful look* Yeah, I'll do that. 1024x768 and 800x600. My apologies to those who...don't have those screen resolutions, but whatever. Technically, 800x600 is just a resize of 1024x768, but whatever. Heh...heh...hic! Stupid hiccups. >.<
2:41:52 pm Made one wallpaper...1024x768 and 1280x800. I'm sure that's a lot better than 1024x768 and 800x600. Ehehehe. It kind of looks bad on 1280x800, especially with a Vista sidebar though. Oh well. Time to add it onto the Cyberart page.

2:59:09 pm Added three poems. ^__^ *is very happy* I have violin lessons at 3:30...so I should go eat lunch now. Bye~! I woke at 11:00-ish today, so nothing much happened yet today. I practiced violin...ate some almond biscuits...um...yeahhhh...
5:18:44 pm Writing stuff...fixing my NaNoWriMo. I'm tempted to start a cyberart, but...I don't really feel like it. xD. Maybe I'll...draw something...ish...nah. I'll make a site link-to button. biggrin Update later...hopefully.
11:07:52 pm Made three site buttons. smile Now there's stuff on the Cyberart page!

3:46:02 pm Yay! Website officially aired! Added two new short stories. xD...anyways, my layout is considered done...around...at least by me. Time to add stuff! Like...about me...and the such...oh, and today was kind of...quiet. The KKK doesn't allow Irish people. But Asian people are allowed! Ahahahahahhaha. I leveled to 35 on DragonFable! Yayz! Anyhow, I'm going to go add stuff now. Again. Or maybe go get slay bells. *shifty eyes* Check out the 404 page, by the way, though it's not 100% finished.
4:28:25 pm Oh, and happy birthday Bruce! smile I won't spam you any more...today...unless I change my mind later. Ehehehehehhehe...
4:52:18 pm Finished 404 page. biggrin Check it out!

2:46:36 pm Finished layout! Well very close! Almost done with 404 page! I wanna go to school >.<

4:28:54 pm I shall start my 404 page. Today in school was strange. Constitution test = I failed. Um...everything else...well...the usual, I guess. xD.
10:11:27 pm I'll finish my 404 page tomorrow! No homework! Yay!

5:49:34 pm Added a taggy board. But then the layout is still kind of messed up. Oh well. I'm not going to work on the webbie any more today. I'm too lazy. Meh. Today, we went to the Txxx Museum...I use xxx to...um...more privacize my location, I guess. It was funnnnnn! biggrin And visited the xx xxxxx exhibition, which was kind of cool. And did those gene stuff. And ran around...with...Jessica...people...


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