... ...

9:46:24 pm Eh? I'm looking for free sheet music online. For piano. biggrin So later~~

6:12:36 pm Happy birthday Oprah! biggrin And Thomas Paine, too. Hehe, I remember my book cover for the crisis that we made for social studies class. Anyway, I got home a lil less than half an hour ago. Eh. And I finished math homework, and ate. Yeah. Okay, time to do more homework!
7:06:49 pm Oh, I forgot to tell you this: This morning, my dog buried his poop! lol He poops in dog litter, and since he observed that the cat buries his poop, my dog buried his poop too.

3:38:12 pm I can't believe I forgot to come on here and wish everyone a happy Chinese new year yesterday. So here it is now: Happy Chinese new year! smile (Well, actually, I can believe it, because it's true, but...whatever.) Okay, I gotta go do homework now. Bye.
3:45:48 pm It's Mozart's birthday! holiday Happy birthday Mozart! cake Yayzee! *is very happy* Time to finish homework. And go to orchestra, later. Meh.
3:49:23 pm Ahaha, it's also Lewis Carroll's birthday. His real name is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, if you're interested. Which I doubt you are. happy It's okay if you're not. Anyhow, it's also Al Capone's deathday. sad And also...LOLOLOL...Thomas Crapper's deathday as well. Yes, you read that right. Crapper. Isn't that hilarious and sad at the same time? He's the plumber dude who founded Thomas Crapper & Co. Ltd. in London. Oh look, he's an inventor too. Crapper the plumber and inventor. lol

12:27:56 am An update? Now?? Yes, an update. Now. smile Wallpaper. Bye. I hafta go. G'night.
12:26:30 pm Oh wow. I forgot to press the save button. So unfortunately, the post above, though typed at the time posted, was submitted now. Ish. teehee Bye then. Check out the wallpaper. All images owned by Iloveegg.

10:22:17 pm Heyy...I'm going to do this Chinese class stupid performance tomorrow, and I'm going to mess up. Badly. sad Oh well. Off to take a shower. xD

9:56:34 pm So yesterday, I finally managed to print out my project, but it wasn't what I had in mind. Oh well. Better than nothing. In the end, my estimation was off by around seven hours and twenty-five minutes. Bleh. I just got back from Chinese class. Hm, I guess I'll go and do more homework. smile Byebyebye! bye

7:45:10 pm Eh? Just finished diner, but I'm having printing issues. I've been trying to figure out what's wrong for around three and a half hours, and I still can't get it right. help Oh well. Bye.

4:09:29 pm Hey...update today! smile A new wallpaper. I'm assuming you can figure out for yourself where it is. Heh. DISCLAIMER: all the images of Kogepan, the breadman, was created by San-X. My San-X obsession is coming back. Maybe there'll be a few more San-X stuff coming up. Monokuro Boo, Tarepanda, Kogepan (the wallpaper breadman), hmm...
4:24:10 pm Gahh! My cat is 1) laying on my homework, 2) asking for a belly rub, and 3) massaging my arm. -____- And 4) purring very loudly.

11:02:53 pm >__< Ughh! So this guy threw up on my car, and it smells SO bad. shock Fortunately for me, however, he didn't get any on me; he threw up on the other guy. Poor other guy. I shall name no names, since this...is...a delicate issue...ish. Anyways, he didn't even offer to help clean up the mess. He just kept on going like "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!" and nothing else. So freakishly angry, grossed out, and pissed. And the smell's probably not going to go away for like forever. badmood It's super super super gross. Blurghhhh. And it got into the spaces between the seats, so that's hard (ish) to clean. Ahhhh! I still have this disgusting feeling in my throat. The smell...is...terrible. bash

5:07:03 pm Heyyy~~ Happy MLK Day! I was going to say that earlier, but my internet died. sad But now it's up again! smile Anyhow, let's all be happy that everyone's equal and all that stuff. Thank you MLK! laugh

3:43:20 pm Oh wow. My update was up an hour or so already, but I forgot to put it here. Bleh. It's a tribute to MLK, seeing as that holiday's coming up soon. Bye now. I hafta go transcribe some music for two violins. So freakishly tired. jumpon
3:44:46 pm Heh, forgot to say where the update was. It's on the cyberart page. Too lazy to make that a link...besides, it's on the navigation. So yeah.
3:58:50 pm Ha! Ha! Ha! victory I didn't break any of the two new year's resolutions I posted on the site!
8:55:57 pm Bwahahaha! I was playing poker and I pwned everyone. happy *is very happy* And now...time to do my huge huge huge project. Blurgh. Byeeee~~

5:31:29 pm Okay. I WILL have an update today. *shifty eyes* I will! Eh. bangin And don't laugh like you're mocking me. fudge Trust me. I will have a *real* update today. Ish.
10:43:21 pm Noooooo! I will have an update! Really! Gahhh! Don't laugh. I will have an update today. *hyperventilates* Yes, I will have a *real* update today. *hyperventilates some more*
11:40:47 pm Ahhh! I don't think there will be an update today. schmoll Blurgh.

3:33:33 pm o_O The time was not on purpose. At all. I swear! Anyhow, I have orchestra today, so there will probably be no updates. Eh. Happy birthday Inga! smile

3:55:52 pm Ice cream tastes good. smile

12:33:17 pm Yayy...update! On the page called Me. About my name. I'm home alone today, so that means more freedom. After I finish my homework, that is. Gyahh, I told my mom I finished, but then I'm far from finishing! :O Must concentrate...and work...work...work...
12:43:27 pm And another update. Results page. Yayzee? Soooo crazily accurate. Heh.
12:50:45 pm And another one? *incredulous work* I really should be doing homework now. Same place as last update. Eh. I must concentrate. shs @internet. Grr...
12:53:35 pm You know what? I am so bad at resisting temptation. I can't even leave the computer alone for three effin' minutes! Three! Ahhhhh! Must. Not. Look. At. Computer. You know what? I'll turn it off. Actually, no. I suck at resisting temptation. I CANNOT turn the computer off! It's possessing me! Gah!

4:19:15 pm Bleh. Will explain later...if I feel like it.
4:39:06 pm Eh. I don't feel like explaning. happy Hehe. I'm thirsty.
6:10:45 pm Owwwww...! pinch I was walking...more like running...in the dark, and I didn't know that the keyboard desk thingy was out. And it has a sharp corner. And I scraped against it. Now a part of my leg is swollen and has it's skin peeled off, and has an interesting texture. laugh

3:20:03 pm MY DOG IS ON CUTEOVERLOAD! MY DOG IS ON CUTEOVERLOAD! MY DOG IS ON CUTEOVERLOAD! Okay, I know I shouldn't be this excited, but still...click here to see. Yayzee! Now, I study for Chinese. Do not disturb. Myehh...I failed my science test. sadwalk

5:20:34 pm Hm...I'm in the middle of a timed test, but I finished...so yeahhh...but then, I should check my answers. Yeah, I'll do that now. teehee And hope that I shall use my free time wisely. If I have any. haha
5:23:01 pm You know what? Music is too hard to add. (Psst...actually, no. I'm just too lazy to do a frame on top. Hehehe. No one saw/heard that.) But then, I can add a frame on top. But I dun wanna. schmoll

7:22:22 pm I'm doing an abstract drawing right now. It's a heart and a star. I'll finish it tonight, if I finish my homework in time. Had sectionals at orchestra yesterday. Yayzee? Anyway, time to go eat dinner. Bye!
11:32:47 pm Looks like there's not going to be an update. It's not because I didn't finish my homework on time though; more like, I didn't use my (free) time wisely. Eh.

6:23:34 am Hm. My grandma sleep-talked and my mom accused me of talking to my grandma and waking her up. angry
3:26:03 pm Saw a dead squirrel on the way home. It was squished, and half of it was black, and the other half was furry (and white-ish). My friend stepped on it on her way to school, and thought it was a soda can. I've also decided to begin making archives of these posts...not now, because I don't have time. smile Hehehehe.
4:16:53 pm Time to start making archives. I'll do it by monthly...even though there's only one month to archive. Hehehe!
5:30:37 pm This is for you, Grace. smile I gave up on the painting of my cat. It's too hard to draw fur. sad
10:41:01 pm I wrote a short story within 2 minutes. It'll be up soon. Hehehehe. It's...the form...most stories take. Summed up in a few words, give or take a few occurrences. smile And you can also change "she" to "he" but it ain't matter. Not now, at least...not now. So far...new year's resolution has been kept! biggrin

12:02:15 pm Must! Finish! Homework! :O

7:56:56 pm Just got back from xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxx. It was fun! I brought Ann...and she didn't talk much. >____> Oh well. Bye.

11:04:43 pm New short story. smile Yay!

6:12:28 am Heyyy! Good morning to all of you! It's a new year and a new day! smile Sooooo...I'll be at xxxxxx today, so won't be here...soon...I'm the only one awake in the household...except for my dog and my cat. Well, I woke them up. And now my cat is annoying me by drinking the dog's water, which he is not supposed to. Oh well. Now he's mewing a lot and being annoying. And my dog is being very sweet by going back to sleep. smile Hehehe.
8:12:13 am Leaving for xxxxxx! Bye!
5:44:38 pm Got back from xxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxx xxxx around thirty minutes ago. But now we're leaving for a local restaurant for dinner. smile Bye~~ I'm going to start a painting of my cat today or tomorrow, depending on when I finish my homework. Hehe...oh, and I use Corel Painter Essentials 4 for my paintings, so it's completely done on the computer. So yes, it's cyberart. Okie, bye now!

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