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3:18:08 pm Tralalala, it's the last day of February! heart For some reason, I am liking February very much right now. Maybe I feel sorry for it. (Yeah, that prolly didn't make much sense. Oh well.) Mhm, I've gotta do French homework. "J'ai envie de regarder les épisodes de Naruto. Je n'ai pas besoin d'argent."

3:52:03 pm Yo. I am doing math problems, and I need to concentrate, so bye. xP

5:42:38 pm Hey, I added some cool stuff today. smile Now, if you double click any word on this website, it'll pop up with a definition, on a new page. I love TFD. biggrin Oh shoot, gotta go, bye.

11:18:12 pm Yayyy! I'm finally here! happy Wishing y'all an awesome Mardi Gras. partytime I stuffed myself with crêpes in French class today. Hehe. And also wore lots of bead necklaces to school. ah Anyway, I hafta finish my homework. Bye. I was going to make it "rain" Mardi Gras coins instead of snow for today, but...I didn't have time. teehee (Yeah. I got back from orchestra at like 9:30-ish.) And then I had homework before. Bye now. bye
11:25:36 pm Hehe, I just updated, on my page (not that this, or any other page, on this website is not mine). Two small changes, but an update, nonetheless. See if you can find them!

11:28:09 am Blurghhhhhhhh. I just lost the game again! surprised Anyhow, happy birthday Mary Tudor, also known as Bloody Mary. You had to feel sorry for her...I mean, though most historians go like "she was pure evil, always mean, never a smile, etc." she didn't exactly have the happiest childhood. And I know this because I did this report on her once. wink Like, when she was little, Elizabeth I's mother, Anne Boleyn, made her (Mary) act as a servant of a sort to Mary, and also encouraged their (Anne Boleyn's and Elizabeth's) servants to slap her (Mary) when she did wrong. And then, Mary's a crazy Catholic (in terms of *extremely* devout) and killed all those Protestants. Hence "Bloody Mary." Poor girl. *sigh*

6:11:32 pm Yay, update! I "drew" it. Yes, on the computer. And no, with no help from any other being but myself. biggrin *mutters about "drawing" the picture/painting/whateveryouprefer*
7:41:59 pm Oh, you know the painting? It's not from my imagination; I just saw this freakishly gorgeous picture when I was searching up hairstyles several days ago and I just had to draw it. ^^;; Link? Here.

12:03:22 pm Youtube's fourth birthday! biggrin Happy birthday Youtube! And Galileo Galilei too, of course. Birthdays...are...kewl? Idk. Yeah, prolly. smile

2:41:22 pm Hey~~ Happy Valentine's Day! heart Anyhow, I guess I won't be able to add anything interesting today, since I have an orchestra performance. Imagine! Jk, jk. biggrin I like orchestra very much. happy

4:07:34 pm Yay! Happy Friday the 13th! holiday Hm, random facts: fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia, derived from Greek paraskevi, meaning Friday, and dekatreís, meaning 13. Phobia means fear, if you didn't know. The fear of the number 13 is known as triskaidekaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia (hehehe, "frigga"). Yay, one week break coming! biggrin

9:47:41 pm Got back from orchestra...approx 15 minutes ago. o_O Anyhow, I hafta finish my homework. My arms hurt from...idk too much violin or too many push-ups. Hm.

5:15:46 pm I am so happy! I made...the next round! heart (I think, at least.) It's a national contest, but if I gave the name, it'll...give...private information. That I don't want to give. Anyway, off to orchestra~~

11:41:37 pm Hey~~ I have this random competition today, so yeah. Anyhow, since my admiration for M. C. Escher's works have reawakened inside me, I made this...uh...you'll see. wink Cyberart page. Karen is eh. Oh, and about the names for the story story added yesterday...it was originally written as a joke for my friend's story, since I wanted to die, but he didn't want to kill me, and then my other friend named Jessica wanted to be in the story as a random squirrel, so...I wrote it. And put it on here. Even though it's not word for word from the original, but whatever. The original was finished several weeks back. teehee But this version was finished yesterday. So no, that's not cheating. smile

12:59:06 pm Yayzee! It's Charles Dicken's birthday! smile But it's also the deathday of the inventor of the saxophone. o_O Off to eat lunch, so bye. bye
2:49:36 pm Update! I told you. Hehehe. New year's resolution...kept so far! Yay! biggrin *is very happy*
2:50:24 pm Wait...forgot to say what update. New short story.

5:48:54 pm Bwa! I'll write a short story or play or something like that tomorrow! I swear!

6:42:44 pm Groundhog day! Six more weeks of winter. sad Oh well. I guess we can wait. Hopefully. I've been meaning to scan a homework assignment for French class (a comic strip) so I can put it on here, but my scanner broke down! :O Hm, well, either I'll fix it, or it'll never get on here! *evil maniacal laughter*

9:43:01 am Happy February! I have lots of homework to do today, so later~!

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